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Harassment continues on YouTube. Props to YouTube. 

After my YouTube livestream video about stalking and harassment, my trolls sent privacy violations notices to YouTube saying that I was violating their privacy.

So I responded because I wasn’t sure where my privacy violation was and obviously I don’t want to put anyone’s privacy at risk for exposure. However, I couldn’t find the violation so I asked YouTube for clarification.

Well, props to YouTube for their response:

So apparently my stalker thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to make up fake dating ads, escort ads and many other things using my name, pics, phone number and address and then VOLUNTARILY come to my blog to post disgusting things PUBLICLY using their email address, fake emails AND agreeing that their IP address will be disclosed when commenting on my blog but they are concerned about THEIR privacy and report a privacy violation to MY YouTube channel that they claim not to stalk!! HAHAHA! PATHETIC COWARDS!!!!!

Apparently YouTube agrees with me on this one, I’m NOT violating THEIR privacy!! Sorry cowards, keep making fools of yourselves and lying. I will just stick to the TRUTH which is that YOU are WATCHING, STALKING, and HARASSING ME!!!

How else would you be able to comment on my blog and complain about my YouTube Channel? Troll yourself all you want and try to blame it on me. It’s not that difficult to PROVE  who is honest and who isn’t.

Sad, sad, self proclaimed “para-celebrities” trying to pick on an “ugly nobody” who lives in a “shack.”

I feel sorry for you.

You’re in my “dark witch-Christian preachers’ daughter” prayers!


Dear Grammar Challenged”Anonymous” Stalker 

Dear “Anonymous”poster of hateful lies on a FAKE dating complaints ad titled Cindie Harper Femme Force,
The very first time we were ever in the same room together was in a court room and you were issued a restraining order for stalking and harassing me to include threats of bodily injury and death. There are court documents to prove this.
You took the time to write this false, uncalled-for post which is nothing short of sadistic. Your tone is saccharine and condescending, but the detail in which you express your disapproval of my very existence is disturbing. The only possible objective for writing it is to try and hurt me.
For a few moments, it worked. You awakened an old fear that every woman who was ever an awkward teenage girl has had. It doesn’t matter how funny, witty, kind, loyal, determined or successful I am.
I like the way I look. I don’t look like Adriana Lima and that’s fine – I look like me, and I like myself. I don’t care if you find me attractive or not. You’re not my type. It would never work out.
You may think that I look old or I look like a man in all of my pictures but they’re me. Again, your approval isn’t needed. You’re not my type. It would never work out.

I would describe myself as someone who likes to laugh, loves traveling, paranormal research and problem solving. I like to think I come across as a confident, optimistic woman with a good sense of humor. But could this be the very reason you have targeted me? Did you see me and think “Wow, she thinks far too highly of herself? How dare she appear to be happy and confident? I need to bring her down a notch or two?” Or did you accept someone else’s opinion of me and call it your own like you do in all other aspects of your life?
I can tell that your cruel, hateful behavior and personal attacks on others have helped you to get where you are today because most people avoid hateful people who create drama and hostility the way you do. Your childhood must’ve been abusive and lonely. For that, I am truly sorry. No child should be abused, unwanted or unloved.
The internet is a dangerous place to be a woman with opinions, especially if another woman feels intimidated by you. I learned this first hand when I refused to entertain your obnoxious, immature personal attacks toward me on twitter or your childish tantrums when I refused to allow you to appear on my show. Not everyone is intimidated by you or your hideous persona.
Everyone who witnesses your personal attacks on me expresses shock, horror, and embarrassment on your behalf. Some people even express a desire to cause you actual physical harm. A few people even felt the need to defend me by demeaning and humiliating you in my defense. You see, I already KNOW that I’m not in my twenties and I am not perfect.

In fact, I can tell you exactly how flawed and imperfect I am. I find a new flaw or two every day. Does that mean that I need to hate myself and attack everyone else because I’m not perfect? Nope and you shouldn’t either.
I’d be happy and grateful if I never saw or heard from you again but I couldn’t possibly be that lucky. I’m sure you will feel the need to respond using some randomly anonymous name. Please don’t. There’s nothing you can say that will make me think that you’re not a disgrace to the human race, but especially the female species.
The real reason for my public response to your ongoing public harassment and what truly concerns me, is the fact that you will be working with teenagers within the community and that you will have access to children.
I want you to encourage people (especially children) to love themselves and accept their flaws and imperfections. Be an example of an adult who accepts herself and others for their intellect and creativity. Encourage others to be fearless. Sadly, your ego and personality won’t allow that to happen because you only know how to control people by making them fear you or by making them feel insecure. Is that why you hate me so much? Because I don’t want or need your approval and you certainly don’t intimidate me. In fact, I don’t even find you entertaining. Disgusting is a more appropriate term to describe you.
It sickens me to think that your hateful, humiliating, sadistic and narcissistic personality will have access to impressionable children. I cannot imagine the harm that you will cause to impressionable, insecure children whom you deem “ugly, looking like a tranny, a slut, homosexual, stupid, or fat” or any of the other various hateful descriptions that you have used toward others (especially me) during one of your many online personal attacks, psychotic episodes or temper tantrums.
If you’re going to be working with children, you should be thinking of how you can help them to develop a bomb-proof sense of self-esteem so that if and when the time comes that they have the unfortunate experience of becoming the target of a hateful, narcissistic, unhappy bully like yourself, they can respond as I do now.




P.S. “Pretended travel blogger?” That’s creepy. Do you follow me everywhere or just on all social media?
P.P.S. Considering you’re probably dating a married man, you’re in no position to judge whether or not I can keep a man or a marriage, you’re ignorant and you’re not a celebrity

And here are the links that you posted on  different sites to try and humiliate me with RIDICULOUS LIES and hateful things …. yet again. (I do believe we are in the hundreds now and you’re still going strong). Stop trying to troll yourself and your little “gang” that creates blacklists and then blame it on me. Intelligent people who know me, know that I truly don’t care what you and your black list makers are doing. You’ve already admitted to numerous people that you troll yourself to stay relevant and play victim.

Here you go, here are the links that you recently posted because YOU got trolled (which everyone knows was you -yourself). If you look at your response on your own ads, you made them the same day they were posted. I’m so used to you doing this sort of thing that it took me a few days to realize that you posted BS about me yet again. Even though everyone knows who does or doesn’t belong in there.

Please read my next blog for some very IMPORTANT updated information!

Dear Paranormal Community (aka Dave Spinks, Country Roads Paranormal Investigations and Society of the Supernatural member):  | Haunted Hypothesis




ZoZo Phenomena: Hoax or Hysteria

The first reported appearance of this entity occurred in 1816, when a young girl in Picardy, France fell victim to a severe demonic possession. She became the vessel for a number of demons, one of which was reportedly the mysterious Zozo (de Plancy, 1863).

Later, when Ouija boards entered popular culture in the 20th Century, stories of Zozo began to rise. There were numerous tales told of the Ouija spirit, the one who devours souls and changes lives. It’s difficult to tell which stories about Zozo are authentic and which are urban legends. Some tell of murders and suicides, while others involve possession, physical ailments, abuse, curses, and other phenomena commonly associated with demonic forces.

What is the Zozo Demon?

The Zozo demon is a demon that has been documented since the 1800s. The Zozo demon is the demon specifically associated with the Ouija Board, now referred to as the Ouija Board demon to most. This demon is said to be a “Demon of Destruction.” He is a three-headed dog demon that guards the gates of Hell. Each of his three mouths has very sharp fangs.

Zozo typically attaches his presence to unsuspecting Ouija board users. It is believed that once he attaches himself to you, it can take weeks or months before he leaves. According to many, Zozo is very intelligent and intuitive. Zozo will do everything in his power to trick those who have summoned him in order to attach his essence to their being. Some have claimed that Zozo is Lucifer himself.

When Zozo is summoned, either by accident or on purpose, some common themes are reported among Ouija users. It is reported that the planchette on the Ouija board makes a repetitive movement through the alphabet from “Z” to “O” or counts down from ten to one to announce arrival. Some people have reported that the letter “Z” will be scratched into a nearby surface or on the board itself. Many people believe that you should not go backwards in the alphabet or numbers while using a Ouija board. It is believed that demons and evil spirits use this method to open portals into our world and break through from the other side. As a result of this belief, it is believed by some that the name “Zozo” is a trick.

While researching the “Zozo” phenomenon, it was common to come across claims that “Zozo” may actually be a demon named Bahzozo from ancient Babylonian times. Upon further research, no evidence of an entity named Bahzozo could be found in any Mesopotamian belief systems. It is possible that Bahzozo might come from Pazuzu, the Babylonian demon of the wind.

Research also found that some people believe that “Zozo” could be a djinn. Djinn do not possess for the soul, they possess for pure pleasure. Other people believe that “Zozo” is actually Lola Zaza, the daughter of Aleister Crowley. Crowley was known by many as one of the most evil men in the world.  It is reported that Aleister Crowley claimed that “Zozo” also represented 666.

Among the most common beliefs surrounding the “Zozo” phenomenon is that “Zozo” (the destroyer) is a three headed dog demon who guards the gates of hell. Others believe that “Zozo” is also a version of “Zaza” who is described as the Jewish goat-like demon, Azazel.

However, not everyone believes that “ Zozo” is a demon. Many people believe that Ouija boards are fake and that it is possible that “Zozo” could be a shared experience of our human creation. According to Brunvand, word-of-mouth transmission of stories heard “from a friend of a friend” is a powerful way to spread memes.


The Ouija board has become one of the most feared occult devices. Once this method of “communicating with spirits” was invented, the Zozo phenomenon really took off. It is reported that “Zozo” was always hanging around looking for a way to enter the Earthly plane.  It is believed that the Ouija board allowed access. Once the entrance was provided, it is believed that Zozo would torment the individual forever.

There is a paranormal researcher, Darren Evans, who has a blog called The Zozo Phenomenon. This blog documents hundreds of encounters with Zozo. Darren calls himself a “Zozologist” and states that “The fact remains that an entity or group of entities are harassing Ouija participants all over the world. Language is not a barrier. Geographical locations on earth are no barrier. It is best left alone. If you experience aggressive interaction and planchette movements while using a Ouija, take precautions. It is not just a game. Be aware of the circular patterns, and do not let it count through numbers forward or backwards thru the alphabet. Figure eights while common, can result in some type of manifestation.” (Evans, 2012)

Is the Zozo phenomenon just superstition or is it possibly a result of the ideomotor effect? Rob Schwartz’ article at Stranger Dimensions suggested that it’s possible that the Zozo phenomena could possibly be purely human inventions that rely on credulity and a blurred understanding of the line between fact and fiction.  Regardless of individual belief of Zozo’s existence, reports of Zozo continue to increase.


You can find Cindie on YouTube:



Twitter: @thefemmeforce


Halloween and Samhain

Halloween was originally referred to as “All Hallow’s Eve”, the name given to the holiday because of its placement near the Christian church’s holiday of “All Saints” day, or “All Hallows”. Originally the Catholic holidays of “All Souls” and “All Saints” days that take place on and around Samhain (pronounced sowen, not sam hane by the Celts), were in February. However, when the Church spread to the Celtic lands, the dates were shifted to November.

“The modern Samhain has its roots in the ancient Celtic fire festival from which it gets its name, pronounced SOW-en, believed by some to mean “summer’s end”. Samhain is the Irish Gaelic name for the holiday, which is also called Samhuinn in Scottish and Calan Gaiaf in Welsh (Kondratiev, 1998). According to the Gaulish Coligny calendar, it is called Trinuoxtion Samonii, which means the “three nights of summer’s end”, indicating that the holiday was originally celebrated over a three-day period (Kondratiev, 1998).”

Despite the superstition that surrounds Samhain, it was originally a time for celebration and marked the pagan yearly cycle. In modern Gaelic, Samhain is the name for the month of November. It’s also the traditional beginning of the winter season.

It is impossible to determine the exact date of Samhain because it was agrarian based. In most modern practices, the date is set on October 31st. Some people celebrate it on November 12th holding to the older date before the transition of the Julian and Gregorian calendars that shifted everything back two weeks (McNeill, 1961).

The festival of Samhain (“summer’s end”) was celebrated the night before the New Year. During this festival, Celts believed the souls of the dead returned to mingle with the living and food was left on the doors for them. In order to scare away the evil spirits, people would wear masks and light bonfires. Samhain was a time that was both joyous and eerie, as it was marked by great feasts and community gatherings, but was also a time for telling ghost stories and tales of the faeries stealing people (McNeill, 1961).

The most obvious theme of Samhain was the belief of the thinning of the veil between the worlds. On this night the dead could return to visit the living and the fairy hills were opened, releasing all the creatures of fairy into the mortal world (Estyn Evans, 1957; McNeill, 1961). The belief in this was so strong in rural Ireland that it was considered extremely bad luck not to set an extra chair at the table, put out a bowl of a special porridge, and leave the door to the home open on Samhain (Estyn Evans, 1957). Another belief indicates that the door should be closed but left unlocked and a bowl of fresh water left out by the hearth to welcome any returning family ghosts that choose to visit (Danaher, 1972).

Many people believe that on Halloween night in particular, the “veil between the worlds” becomes thin and allows spirits to pass through more easily. It is important to note that upon further research, the overall consensus is that the veil is not thin on just one night. It is an astrological process and is not the thinnest on Halloween night.

The day that the veil is the thinnest actually changes from year to year based on Scorpio, which is the sign closest to the underworld and death. Some believe that the veil is thinnest on what is called a “cross-quarter day.” It is the date exactly between the equinox and solstice, or the date of the astrological event tied to the Sabbat. Samhain’s astrological date is when the sun reaches 15 degrees Scorpio. This year, those dates are: November 6 (Cross Quarter Date) and November 8 (Astrological Date).

This night was one of celebration and merry making, but people preferred to travel in groups, fearing that to walk alone on Samhain risked being taken forever into Faery (Danaher, 1972). It was thought that dusk and midnight were particularly dangerous times, and that the fairy troops passed to the west side of homes, and along water ways making it best to avoid these times and places (McNeill, 1961).

Modern day belief promotes the idea of the dead returning in a negative light, this was not the old belief. In the old practice, people didn’t fear the dead who came back to visit but saw them as protective of the living family (Danaher, 1972). It is a very old doctrine of the Celts that the soul is immortal and passes from one life to spirit and then to another life so it would be impossible for the Celts to see Samhain as a holiday devoid of celebration (McNeill, 1961). It is believed that the Samhain fires were lit as the sun set as a symbol of the light surviving in the dark (McNeill, 1961).

Halloween and Samhain represent many different things to many different people. The two themes that seem to prevail in each are the symbolism of death and the idea that the veil to the “otherworld” is fairly thin. Other than those two common themes, they are actually very different holidays.

Since the two holidays actually occur on two separate dates, why not have the best of both worlds by celebrating them both? They have two very different meanings after all. Carve pumpkins, don costumes, and participate in festivities on Halloween. Then a few days later, celebrate the veil’s thinning, the ancestors, and the dead on a day that’s devoted just to them.

Written by: Cindie Harper


Cindie Harper is a paranormal researcher and Founder of Femme Force. Cindie has a Master of Social Work degree from West Virginia University and is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Cindie believes in embracing the unknown. She is interested in most things paranormal, spiritual, creepy or spooky.

You can find Cindie on YouTube:



Twitter: @thefemmeforce



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Mysterious Grave Expulsion in Morgantown West Virginia

In July of 1975, Morgantown, West Virginia had a strange, unexplained event occur right before the Fourth of July festivities began. The caretaker of Oak Grove Cemetery noticed a suspicious pile of dirt that he suspected was caused by local teenagers who had been shooting off fireworks. However, when he went to investigate it, he was baffled. It appeared as though a grave had been desecrated. The ground above the grave was torn up and he could see the vault coming up through the ground. He phoned the police to report what he suspected to be vandalism. When the police officers arrived, they were also confused by the strange site. After inspecting it further, it appeared to look more like something exploded outward. It is reported that the cover on the burial vault had erupted upward through the earth and burst through the soil and grass.  Upon further examination of the grave, they realized that there was no trace of an explosion, no gunpowder residue, and nothing else nearby appeared to be disturbed.


The local gas company investigated the site for natural gas eruption, but determined that a gas explosion was not the cause. The ground in this area of the cemetery had been graded a few feet which meant that this grave was one of the more shallow ones. Further examination of the grave itself revealed that the vault had split at one corner, which might have forced the 3-inch thick slab lid to pop upward but not enough to appear the way it did. They also considered the possibility that there was a build up of gases from decomposition that caused the expulsion. However, the men could see a child’s coffin that appeared to be untouched and intact.

The vault belonged to Harry Spitz, who had died in 1912 from cholera. He had been buried for approximately 63 years.  An exhumation of the casket was granted with the intention of solving this mysterious occurrence but opening the casket only presented further mysteries. Harry’s body appeared to be very well preserved. His skin was somewhat leathery but intact and his face was framed by long blond hair. He wore a blue and white suit and had a stuffed lion at his feet. The coffin lining had rotted away but Harry appeared to be in remarkably good shape. The morgue supervisor at West Virginia University Hospital examined tissue samples but no traces of living organisms were found. This ruled out the gas theory. Scientists considered coal mining in the area, but no operations had ever been conducted in the vicinity of the grave. Methane and natural gas were researched and eliminated and no seismic tremors were recorded.

A husk of a flower and a small commemorative plate still lay on top of the casket, untouched. Neither of the objects had been attached to the coffin and should have slid off the coffin easily if it were disturbed even slightly. Even though the police chief remembered receiving reports about a strange group of people who had held séances and various other ritualistic activities within Oak Grove Cemetery, he was not willing to believe that they had summoned up some entity with great force.

Unable to reach a conclusion on what had caused the mysterious expulsion of Harry’s grave, the body of young Harry Spitz was reinterred in a new vault and Harry’s body was laid to rest once again on July 12, 1976. This event still casts a mysterious shadow over Oak Grove Cemetery. This mystery brought out many curious people to stare at the grave. The observers ranged from Fundamentalists to Psychics. Many people had their own theories about what had caused the mysterious event.


Over the years, many stories have been told about the event. One of my favorite stories involves nursing home employees who took care of Harry’s mother, Desiree. Many of the employees who were involved in caring for Desiree over the years reported that every year the furniture in Desiree’s room would move around like someone had come in the middle of the night and moved it. According to several nursing home employees, Desiree was physically unable to move. In fact, the nurses and medical assistants stated that they do not recall any time where Desiree had talked or moved at all during their employment at the facility.

The mystery remains.