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Wheeldon Manor

Wheeldon Manor is a 23, 000 square foot building located in Central City, Kentucky. For the purposes of paranormal research, it is important to note that the walls are 3 brick thick. The building is over a hundred years old with steel beams throughout the building.

There is a railroad track and a large creek beside the odd shaped building.  All factors that are believed to increase paranormal activity at allegedly haunted locations.

After researching this location, I was able to find information stating that different parts of the building could be dated around 1912, possibly earlier. The current building is dated around 1933 and has served many purposes over the years. I found information suggesting that it has served as a car dealership, boarding house for the rail road, an armory, retail outlets, a local newspaper office, a post office, a saloon, a brothel and an apartment building.

The building is presently being used as a haunted house attraction known as Sinister on Center during the fall season of each year.


Here is a link to the website:

The building itself has several sections. The basement area is where the maze is located for the haunted attraction. It has several corridors and dead ends. The boiler area is on the main floor and can be described as store front area and the upper level consists of apartments. Some of the apartments are used for the haunted house attraction and have creepy props that include: crime scenes, spider webs, evil clowns standing in corners and much, much more.

During the last investigation at this location, it took me a few minutes to get used to walking into a spider web inside a dark room only to find a creepy psycho clown standing in the corner staring at me. If you’ve ever watched any of my livestreams, you will know that I don’t particularly care for creepy clowns or creepy dolls, and I definitely don’t like spiders. Considering these factors, I rate this building as pretty creepy.

Prior to going into this location, I was told that there were reports of unknown footsteps, feelings of being followed down the hallway, unexplained odors and sounds, disembodied voices, and full bodied apparitions. There are several reports of experiences with a little girl named Maggie and a man named Charlie.Many paranormal investigators and teams, psychic mediums, and paranormal researchers have reported numerous paranormal encounters to include EVP’s and photographic evidence at this active location.

Toward the end of the night during my last visit to Wheeldon Manor, I was sitting alone in “Jerry’s room” on the edge of the bed conducting an EVP session while recording with my video camera. All the other paranormal investigators were in a separate room when one of them asked me if I was willing to turn off my camera so we could all be in “pitch black.” I agreed. I sat there alone for another fifteen minutes until the only other female in our group decided to join me. She explained that she felt a little apprehensive so she decided to sit down next to me on the edge of the bed. We were both facing the doorway that led into the hallway. We had all electronic devices turned off so that there was no source of unnatural lighting. The room was very dark but we were able to vaguely see the doorway. I caught a glimpse of something that briefly appeared to darken the doorway.  Curiosity got the best of me so I began to stare directly at the doorway.  The room’s temperature seemed to drop as I could feel the chill bumps forming on my arm. A few minutes later, a very large (over 7 feet tall), black, human-shaped shadow figure appeared in the doorway. Although there were no discernible features to indicate gender and I did not see a mouth, nose, or eyes, the being seemed to have an intimidating, masculine presence.  It moved extremely fast across the doorway and disappeared out of sight. I felt a slight gust of air and the other female investigator yelled, “Did you see that?” Still in disbelief, I managed to yell, “What? Yes!” The rest of the group heard the commotion and came down the hall to check on us. As we were telling the group what we saw, we confirmed that we both witnessed that same large, black, shadow being move quickly past the doorway.

This encounter left both of us in disbelief as we confirmed that the shadow figure was definitely not a member of the group as we were all present and accounted for as confirmed by all members of the group. We could find no other logical explanation for what we witnessed. The fact that we both saw it and reacted at the same time just left us with more questions than answers.

Upon review of video and audio footage from that night, I was able to hear several interesting EVP’s. A few of the EVP’s were questionable so we decided not to present them as evidence. We also received a few direct responses during the PSB-7 session. I am still kicking myself for turning off my camera at the end of the night. While I am aware that video proof of the shadow figure would not prove anything to anyone who is committed to debunking it, it would really only confirm my experience.  It was an experience that I will not forget and one that compels me to return to this location for the second time this year.

So did I experience a Shadow Figure/Shadow Being? Ghost? Demon? Jinn? Sgili? Alien? Time Traveler? Or was it my imagination?

Well, since another person witnessed it at the same time, I am going to have to rule out the possibility of it being my imagination. I am also ruling out the possibility of it being the phenomenon known as Hypnogogia since it is very unlikely that we were both sleeping and having the same dream.

What are some other theories?

Quantum and theoretical physics, suggest that shadow people could possibly be some sort of other-dimensional beings whose dimension of origin occasionally overlaps with ours. Science now tells us that most of the universe is composed of dark matter that we are unable to see. It is believed that there are many dimensions that are invisible to us. The shadow being phenomena might be caused by other dimensions that overlap our own and occasionally intersect.

We also know that electromagnetic impulses can interfere with the human brain causing as altered perception. Recent studies in Canada have shown that people who are unknowingly exposed to a magnetic field often feel an unseen presence. Since electromagnetic fields are everywhere now, this may account for the increase in the number of shadow beings and other phenomena being reported.

Right now, there’s no law of physics that prevents time travel so some people believe that Shadow Beings could actually be visitors from the future passing through. Other people suggest that there’s a connection between aliens and shadow beings.

Then there is the concept of subconscious thought. Some people believe that shadow entities can be created by powerful emotions and psychic energy. This could account for the reports of heightened “activity” at locations where something traumatic has occurred.

Some people claim they can leave their body at will through meditation (astral projection) and other theories claim that we all travel out of body when we sleep. This concept makes it possible that shadow beings could be a product of astral travelers or twilight travelers.

We cannot ignore the fact that shadow beings have appeared in legends throughout many cultures. There are Native American stories that portray shadow beings as shape shifters and in pre-Islamic mythology, shadow beings were called djinn or jinn. In almost all legends, these shadow beings are said to be able to change their shape and believed to inhabit a parallel world to humans. Many people still believe in their existence.

So what did I experience at Wheeldon Manor? I am really not sure but I am hoping to experience it again this weekend and with any luck, I will catch it on video.

I am planning to livestream from the location this weekend so hopefully you will tune in and participate in the experience.

Written by: Cindie Harper