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The HAUNTED General Lewis Inn

The General Lewis Inn is located in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Lewisburg was named the Coolest Small Town in America by Budget Travel Magazine. The Inn was opened in 1929 by Randolph K. and Mary Milton Hock.  The Hocks purchased the historic John Withrow home which was built in 1834 and then built the rest of the inn around it.  The original Withrow home is the east wing of the inn which is where the Jefferson Dining Room is located.

Here are a few pictures I took when I stayed there over the summer.


The Inn was named after General Andrew Lewis and is rumored to be haunted by more than three ghosts.  The first is a slave named Reuben.  It is believed that Reuben died in the dining room as a result of hanging. A few people have reported seeing him sitting at one of the dining room tables.  There is documentation of one paranormal investigator seeing a napkin rise and fall to the floor in this room. The second ghost is that of a little girl.  There are several reports of guests and staff hearing the sounds of a little girl crying and laughing coming from either room 206 or 208.



The third ghost is probably the most well known ghost at the Inn. She is known as the “lady in white” whose portrait allegedly hangs in Room 208.



No one knows where the portrait came from or the identity of the person in the portrait. The “lady in white” manifests as an apparition of a woman dressed in a gray Civil War era dress who appears to float slightly above the ground. Some guests have reported that room 202 is haunted by a thin figure that stands a little taller than the back of a chair who stands by the bed then disappears after being seen.  Some guests reported waking up to figures facing away from their beds and beds shaking as if someone was trying to wake them from their sleep.


By: Cindie Harper