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Black Mirror Scrying

Since the earliest of times Witches, Sorcerers and so on have used Black Mirrors for Scrying. They are actively used by many cultures and belief systems and are not limited to one tradition. Scrying plates have been found in archeological sites around Celtic lands and the Druids are one of the earliest known peoples to have used crystals for divination in the form of Scrying plates. We also know that in early Egypt around 4BC, Scrying was depicted in paintings on walls and tombs.

For years, many people have included scrying with other methods of divination such as dowsing, tea leaves or the Chinese methods of reading lines and faces. Although these methods are historical, there is no evolutionary connection between mirror scrying and other divination methods. Many objects with shiny surfaces have been used for scrying. The two most popular are the Crystal Ball and the Black Mirror. Personally, I have a solid black Obsidian crystal ball and several Black Mirrors. A few of them are family heirlooms and have been passed down through several generations to me. (Like this one that I used in a YouTube Livestream Experiment)





The Black Mirror is my choice for the art of Scrying and seems to be the most popular choice. It is believed that Nostradamus used a black obsidian mirror to make predictions.

In my experience, regular glass mirrors work in a general manner for receiving/perceiving general information and are limited in accessibility for specific tasks. Black mirrors seem to make it easier for the Scryer to focus by eliminating all other interference that would otherwise be present. The purpose of a mirror as a ‘magical’ tool is more about self-reflection or a form of psychoanalysis. The mirror itself is basically used as a focal point. It is a way to attempt to create a direct connection with the subconscious. What an individual perceives through the mirror is based upon their own subconscious perceptions and limits. Most visions are symbolic and the Scryer must meditate on their visions to interpret their meanings.

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The mirror itself has no real super magical power. Some believe that the mirror obtains magical energy after they have been consecrated for use or used a few times. The Black Mirror represents the window to the Universe and to the Spirit world. It is believed that the mirror can show the Scryer visions of past lives, future events, answers to questions  and is a doorway to the other side.


Scrying takes a lot of practice. Clearing the mind and concentrating is a difficult skill to master. It is very similar to meditation. Most Scrying is done at night to avoid the excessive psychic vibrations that are generated during the day with the hustle and bustle of everyday living. For those of you who are interested in studying High Magic, the Black Mirror is used in the “Triangle of Solomon” for conjuring the Demon or Celestial being into the mirror and is surrounded by 3 sacred names of God and Archangel Michael to help control the spirit. The being does not manifest into the physical form. It manifests as a vision in the mirror.


Black mirrors vary greatly in regards to appearance. Although you can purchase a Black Mirror from a store or online, I highly suggest that you create your own.

If you’d like to watch my livestream on YouTube using the scrying mirror for a paranormal experiment, you can watch it here: